Happy first night of Cobrakkah!

Today’s gift is a clip of me and Pete’s drunk recollection of the time he leaked my number. Text my new phone for instructions on how to unlock today’s gift! 917-810-3293

Happy day 2 of Cobrakkah! We are 2 days closer to getting the Party With You video out into the world. (I just watched the rough cut- it’s either the most genius thing I’ve ever done, or the dumbest… maybe both)

Today we’re giving away some of the props from that shoot – as well as one of the new Please Call Gabe shirts Pete wore. Only 3 of these were made! 


enter on twitter/facebook/instagram with your best joke!

all of the glamour, none of the pain. 

gift of cobrakkah night 3 is a Hot Mess lip tat IG filter. 

hit me with your best. 

on the fourth night of Cobrakkah, I want to address this. unlock the full clip here.

Party With You video is out 12/5 at 9pm PST and is either the most genius thing we’ve ever done, or the dumbest. 

Watch the clip starring Lil Aaron and let me know. And come hang with me Vicky T & Jack the camera guy at our Cobra Cam watch party while we wait for the video to drop – 12/5 8PM PST. 

Also – surprise – I’ll be live with Mike Fishkin on Idobi Radio tonight taking Tessa Violet on a journey of my musical influences – and we’ll be taking calls. tune in at 6PM PST. 

Every night is emo nite. But not every Emo Nite is Cobrakkah.

Stoked to be DJing the 7th Anniversary of Emo Nite tonight in LA (which is also doubling as my Bar Mitzvah).

Unfortunately it’s already sold out, but I’ll be doing an MTV IG takeover live from my DJ set playing only pre 1999 emo songs. Come hang.

Cobrakkah is almost over! This has been super fun and I love all you guys. Tonight’s present is the final clip we’re releasing from my Drunk History of Cobras with Pete. I don’t know what’s more shocking in this video: how drunk I was, or the revelation that Pete never used actual eyeliner.